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Hands on: Black Magic Bullet Wheel Polishing Tool

Anyone who has detailed a car or three will agree, cleaning wheels is no fun.  Hoping to give our aching hands a break, Black Magic recently sent us one of their Bullet Wheel Polishing Tools to try.  We find out if it’s a finger saver or wallet breaker.

Product description

A micro-fiber and foam attachment for your corded/cordless electric drill that is shaped like a bullet.  Black Magic says it’s safe for all wheel types and finishes and that its unique  tapered shape allows for polishing in both tight corners and flat surfaces.

Black Magic Bullet Wheel Polishing ToolBlack Magic Bullet Wheel Polishing Tool

MSRP: $19.99 (comes with Titanium polish sample)
Titanium Polish Refill MSRP: $6.99
Can be found at: Pep Boys

How to use it

1. Thoroughly wash the wheels you’ll be polishing, then let dry.
2. Apply Black Magic Titanium Wheel Polish (sample included) directly to the wheel using a clean rag or small towel.
3. Start polishing!  Use the entire surface of the tool and don’t stay in one spot for too long. From time to time, reverse the direction of the drill to use both sides of the polishing tool.
4. Wipe excess wheel polish from rim using a clean towel.
5. Wash the polishing tool in  clean warm soapy water, then let air dry.

Our results

After starting slowly with the first wheel to get acquainted with the polisher we made quick work of the remaining three.  It’s worth noting this is a wheel polisher, not a wheel cleaner.  Light grime, dust, scratch marks, and water marks were reduced or eliminated with no problem.  Scrapes, gouges, heavy brake dust, and pitting are too much for this polishing tool. Cleaning the wheel thoroughly before polishing is a must if your wheels are dirty.

After polishing four wheels off a 2000 Chevrolet Corvette we came away impressed.  All too often the joy of washing a car is ruined by the finger aching and tedious work of getting all the corners and facets of the wheels.  With the Black Magic Bullet Wheel Polishing Tool you can leave the joint breaking work to your electric drill.  Although hard to see in photos, the wheels visually increased in shine and reflectivity after being polished. Take a look at these before [left] and after [right] photos that detail the Black Magic Bullet Wheel Polishing Tool’s strengths and weaknesses.

Black Magic Bullet Wheel Polishing Tool
Black Magic Bullet Wheel Polishing Tool: Before & After
Black Magic Bullet Wheel Polishing Tool: Before & After
Black Magic Bullet Wheel Polishing Tool: Before & After


Best on newer wheels that have not yet started to pit or discolor with brake dust.  If used regularly to remove dirt and dust, this polishing tool will keep your wheels looking great for years to come. $19.99 is a small price to pay when you consider the pain you’ll save your fingers and the great looking wheels you’ll get.