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A hands on look at Prestone’s de-icing product threesome

February is the worst part of winter.  We’re all getting tired of the cold weather,  snow covered roads, and even worse- ice covered windshields.  We’ve all woken up or left work to find our car covered in an cement hard layer of frozen precipitation. At best you have a scraper- but even they don’t work that well.  At worst, you’re left to use your hands to clear things off the best you can.  If you’re desperate, you may even pull out an old credit card.

Prestone has the answer. They’ve rolled out a threesome of de-icing products that can protect from before, during, and after a winter storm or frigid morning. The company sent us a container of each and we put them to the ultimate test. Winter in New England.

Mother nature couldn’t have cooperated better, dishing out snow, sleet, freezing-rain, and best of all- a super cold -21degree morning. We tried out each de-icing product as directed and during conditions as recommended on the label.  The results surprised us.

We gave away a set of the same products recently. Check out our previous article to watch Prestone’s De-Icing products in action.

Prestone Ice & Frost Shield Vehicle Glass Treatment

Price: around $9.00
Overview: A glass-cleaner like spray bottle that is used the night before a storm or cold morning to prevent frost and ice buildup.
How it’s used: If you think ice, frost, or snow will build up on your windshield, spray the solution liberally over the entire glass surface beforehand.  Ice & Frost Shield will either totally prevent ice from forming or prevent it from sticking.
The results: The best product out of all three.  A moderate coating on the glass and wiper blades keeps ice at bay and blades from sticking.  Ten inches of snow was no match either. Ice & Frost Shield allowed us to easily slide the snow and slush right off the glass.  The price seems steep but a bottle goes a long way, even if you tend to over-do it.  Best of all it keeps working after you drive away by preventing refreeze.

Prestone Windshield De-Icer Spray

Price: between $2.50-$3.99
Overview: A spray can that even comes with its own scraper. Great for anything from light frost to moderate ice.
How it’s used: For light frost, spray the product on and let it melt the frost away. For ice, score the buildup with the built in scraper, apply the product and let penetrate.
The results: Light frost melts away instantly.  Heavier accumulation requires a little bit of work with the handy built in scraper.  We found the spray nozzle applies the product thick. A little goes a long way for thin frost while we had to use quite a bit more for thicker ice.  The can seems to empty pretty quickly.

Prestone De-Icer Windshield Washer Additive

Price: about $4.49
Overview: Wiper fluid additive that prevents ice from forming, can help melt light frost, and keeps dirt and salt from sticking to the windshield.
How it’s used: The entire bottle is enough additive for one wiper fluid reservoir. Pour the bottle in and top things off with wiper fluid or water.
The results: This is definitely the light-weight of the three.  It’s really good at giving wiper fluid an added kick of ice resistance. If you already use cold weather washer fluid, you’re not going to see as much of an added benefit. If you normally run plain water- this product is perfect. A downside is you use a whole bottle at a time.


We have to admit- we didn’t think Prestone’s de-icing options would work as well as they did. We came away impressed.  Each represents a darn good solution to dealing with light, moderate, and heavy ice.  When the last thing you want to do is scrape the frost or ice off your windsheild, use one of these products.