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Quick Road Test: Toyota Yaris S

Small, light, and fuel sipping. Toyota’s Yaris is a mini car for the masses and we spent a few days in one to find out exactly what one is like to drive and own. Here’s our thoughts and some photos.

Specifications as-tested

MSRP: $17,515
Engine: 1.5L DOHC VVT-i 4-cylinder – 106-horsepower @6,000rpm 103 lb-ft @ 4,200rpm
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Curb weight: 2,340 lbs
Wheelbase: 96.9-inches / 8-ft
Exterior width: 66.7-inches / 5.5-ft
Exterior length: 150.6-inches / 12.5-ft
Fuel type: 89-octane
Fuel tank: 11.1-gallons
Estimated range: 321 -388 miles
EPA fuel economy: 29-city, 31-combined, 35-highway
Observed fuel economy: 31.5 mpg
Tested for: 2 days / 140 miles


A super small daily driver that drives and rides like a mid-size.  Drivers over 6-feet will have a hard time feeling comfortable and storage space is limited but the Yaris gets the job done.  A full complement of airbags help keep you safe but we never could shake the uneasy feeling of a semi or SUV passing us.  If you have a lenghty commute, would like decent fuel economy, and don’t carry a lot of things with you- the Yaris is perfect.


  • A light curb weight allows the Yaris to handle nimbly
  • Acceleration is quicker than you’d expect with only 106-horsepower
  • Our S model with optional power package came with keyless entry, fog lamps, and boy-racer body effects


  • Tiny compared to most other cars on the road
  • Storage space is limited and the 2nd row seats take up most of the rear hatch unless folded down
  • Drivers seat is not very adjustable and sits extremely high

Toyota Yaris Quick Road Test Photo Gallery