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The Merva Brothers Experience Red Bull Frozen Rush 2015 [Video]

Zane & Josh drive north into the woods of Maine to experience the first Red Bull Signature Series event of 2015; Frozen Rush. Nine Pro4 truck drivers battle it out on the icy slopes.

Come along as Zane & Josh learn about the spiked BFGoodrich Tires,  meet driver Bryce Menzies, ride in the Red Bull Party Truck and take a first hand look at what Frozen Rush is and how it came to be.

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Nissan looking for a #HailYes with the NV200 Taxi of Tomorrow

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a cab driver? Yeah, me neither.

Since legal woes have stopped Nissan’s plans of being the exclusive NYC taxi provider, plans for educating the public about the company’s next generation Taxi has hit full stride. Nissan’s marketing team has deployed a #HailYes campaign encouraging New Yorkers to choose their cab over the competition.

In conjunction with that effort, Nissan let us borrow one of their new NYC Taxis. For 2 days I found myself captain of a bright yellow Nissan NV200. There was only one thing I could do; head off to the city to test out the ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ and pretend I am a real taxicab driver. Albeit one that has no idea where he is going or what he is doing.

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