2016 BMW 750i xDrive Restores Our Faith In Luxury With Performance
04 Apr 2016

2016 BMW 750i xDrive Restores Our Faith In Luxury With Performance

When you go this deep into the trust fund, the results are staggering.

04 Apr 2016

Just when we were ready to give up on pricey luxury cars, along comes one that rocks our world.

750 34 above main my pic

There is a dirty little secret in the auto industry we testers know, but don’t make much noise about.  If you test a popular $35K sedan, say a Honda Accord V6 or Toyota Camry XSE V6, and then a $60K luxury performance sedan back to back, the Accord/Camry is usually the better vehicle. This is just one example.  Across the automotive kingdom, luxury and premium vehicles in the $50K to $75K range don’t stack up well against cars costing much less when value is factored in. Having tested the $129,000  BMW 750i xDrive this week, we are pleased to report that when you go this deep into the trust fund, the results are staggering.  This car is off the hook.

750 rear above my pic

The Best Ride Comfort (Period)

Let’s start at the most amazing feature of this BMW 750i xDrive. It is buttery smooth over even the worst roads.  Potholes that would result in a slam/bang/boom in a typical performance luxury car are ignored entirely by the BMW.  You barely know you hit them.  There is also zero chassis shudder and no suspension chatter if you hit rough road patches while hugging a corner.  This despite riding in on 20-inch wheels with 35-series rubber that should make this car feel too stiff.  Having tested about 100 vehicles, this BMW 750i xDrive is clearly the best-riding sedan I have ever been in.  That includes Bentleys costing much more.

750 wheel

Handling Is Insane

The BMW 750i xDrive is so easy to place in the exact part of the road you want it is almost hard to believe. This is a car so wide it barely fits in your garage, and so long it sticks out of parking spots at the supermarket.  Yet, when you are driving it, it is so sharp it feels much smaller.  Turn-in is the oddest of the sensations.  The 750i xDrive rotates in a way I have not felt in other cars, even those with 4-wheel steering and torque vectoring.  The rear end seems to come around as if on a shorter wheelbase.

Many reviewers take BMW to task for a lack of steering feel. This 750i xDrive does not suffer from any of that nonsense.  Perhaps because its personality is not a “Sports car”, or perhaps because BMW just got it right, the 750i xDrive seems to offer a good amount of road feel through the wheel given the car’s size and style.

750 led my pic

Acceleration and Power – Lots

The 750i xDrive provides 445 hp. It does not have a V8 or twin-turbo engine, but rather, both.  Even in Comfort Plus mode, the engine always has gobs of torque in any normal driving situation and never feels the least stressed.  If you see an open on-ramp ahead, and you floor this car, it leaps ahead, and the hood actually tips up.  The effect is startling because it is so out of character for such a big-conservative-looking sedan.  BMW says zero to sixty takes just 4.4 seconds.  The number of cars that can scoot faster than that are few and far between.  The roads you can put that much juice to work on even more rare.

750i dash and wheel

A Techno-Limo Is Included

The BMW 750i xDrive is not just a personal luxury vehicle, but also a car that was designed to be a limousine. Up front, the seats adjust in so many ways it is simple to be perfectly comfortable and well supported at the same time.  The perforated, heated and cooled leather seating is so premium it makes leather in other vehicles seem cheap and plasticky.  The headrests are small pillows, and they adjust so you don’t have to have them hit you in the back of the head.

750 rear seats

The rear seats have almost comical legroom. There is, at least, a foot of knee room in front of the rear passenger even with the front seats all the way back.  The rear of our tester was configured with two captains’ chairs.  These have all the same features of the front including recline and power adjustment.

The techno-goodies inside the 750i are almost too much. Up-front, the infotainment screen is very helpful, but most of what you need is either in the head-up display or in the gauge cluster.

750 infotainmantThe BMW rotary mouse is easy to use, but this fan of simplicity found it to be a little bit of a hassle.  It is easier to find what you want in a GM or FCA truck or SUV than in this premium vehicle costing much more.  Perhaps that’s intentional.  Maybe BMW wants there to be a certain learning curve.

750 rear seats backs

In back, there is a removable tablet to help control the environment, and each seat gets a screen.  As we all move toward our phones as the everything device, these are becoming less important and would be an easy way to shave some cost from this cheap Yankee’s viewpoint.


Overall, the BMW 750i xDrive is the ultimate sedan package. It offers an enjoyable ride, plentiful performance, and unparalleled luxury.  If I may quote Ferris Bueller, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

As Tested 2016 BMW 750i xDrive

4.4-liter turbocharged V8 Engine Arctic Gray Metallic / Ivory White Nappa leather

Autobahn Package, Driver Assistance Plus, Executive Package, Interior Design Package, Luxury Seating with Cold Weather Package, Executive Lounge Seating, Night Vision w/ Pedestrian Detection, Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof, Bowers and Wilkins Audio, 20-Inch Alloy Wheels With Run-Flat Tires

Base Price $ 97,400.

Approximate MSRP as of time of review: $129,245


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